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Sunday 25, Feb, 2018 | DHAKA Time: 12:15 AM
Wheel : Japan and Bangladesh have enjoyed very good bilateral relationship since the establishment of diplomatic relations about 40 years ago. How do you foresee this relationship foster further in days to come?
Wheel : Please tell us about Bank Asia Ltd.? Ans : Bank Asia started its journey on November 27, 1999 with an aim to be fully customer focused through rendering technology driven innovative products and services. The Bank obtained Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Commencement of Business on September 28, 1999 and banking license on October 06, 1999.
on commodities in proportion to their value, i.e. a duty expressed as a percentage and not a flat amount. It is commonly used in respect of import tariffs.

Subir Chowdhury has been a thought leader in quality management strategy and methodology for more than 20 years. Currently Chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group, LLC, he leads Six Sigma and Quality Leadership implementation, and consulting and training efforts.
The book, “Life – The Most Important Thing As a Human” written by Inamori Kazuo was first published in 2004; however, even after 10 years from the first publication, it is still widely read by people. This long seller book was sold 1 million,
Based on the award-winning and widely-lauded 2001 novel of the same name by Yann Martel, it chronicles the lifechanging maritime adventure of a young Indian boy humorously named Piscine or \"Pi\" for short,
Why Bangladesh won't turn IT/ICT sector as a vibrant industry when scopes are there?
Starting from early 80s when British Airways initiated its back-office operations at New Delhi, American Express's back-office operations during 1985-86 and GE'sIndian outsourcing adventure in 1990; the humble beginning of IT Outsource has turned itself up into a huge operational Tsunami in India by 2012.IT outsource process is now a formidable industry contributing 7% to Indian GDP.

By contrast, although Bangladesh is a geo-political neighbor to India, although people are shaped by same mental-map sharing most common traits like merit, tenacity, zeal to learn new knowledge and absorb changes; although our socio-cultural norms are historically developed on the shores of same Ganges-Yamuna; although Bangladesh is sovereign and independent politically - still then IT/ICT in Bangladesh is caught up in its perennial infancy looking alike "cottage industry" rather than an Industry as in India.

Why it has to be so disparate is any one's guess, but it is a matter of grave concern if taken seriously. Why our IT/ICT sector looks alike "cottage industry" after two decades of progressive success just across the border? What could be wrong with our spirit?

Garments' industry initiatives in Bangladesh, ironically, started almost at the same time of the beginning of Indian IT outsourcing. Fortunately, Bangladesh has long been managed to turn Garments' as a formidable $14 Billion Industry as of 2011, while IT/ICT sector still limping mostly represented by small scale private enterprises under BASIS while Indian IT/ICT sector is worth one-fifth of total volume of outsourcing of the world-market.

It is evident that Bangladesh has been grossly neglecting the prospects and ignoring the importance of IT/ICT sector ever since either out of mis management or due to not adequately understanding the internal growth mechanism of IT/ICT sector in terms of Tire-1, small and medium sized organizational demands and conditionality of outsourcing. Exploration aspects of mining world-outsource-market were naively overlooked.

As a result, Bangladesh lost the momentum for internal growth in IT/ICT sector whichwould have otherwise developed an army of outsource-skilled IT/ICT workforce, not to mention about billions of dollars of lost....

The attachment of our elites Sunday 05-May-2013
2nd Wheel Inter University Business Quiz Competition-2012
The month September was no more an ordinary month in the calendar of 2012 because of the 2nd Friday of this month which brought back the great privilege to The Quarterly Wheel Business Magazine to arrange ....
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