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Sunday 25, Feb, 2018 | DHAKA Time: 12:16 AM
2nd Wheel Inter University Business Quiz Competition-2012
The month September was no more an ordinary month in the calendar of 2012 because of the 2nd Friday of this month which brought back the great privilege to The Quarterly Wheel Business Magazine to arrange the inter university business quiz competition for the 2nd time at the port city Chittagong. We know that everything comes to him who hustles while he waits and this time the aim was to upgrade the level of competition then the previous time. So, the preparation had started with more concentration under an experienced organizing committee and this time Mr. A Qaiyum Chowdhury, Associate Dean, EDU consented to lead the Quiz Competition Organizing Committee for this competition that comprised Chief Patron & Chief Editor of Wheel Mr. AZM Obaidullah, Chittagong Bureau Chief, faculty members of different well reputed Public & private universities of the city, enthusiastic CGMs of  Wheel & volunteers.

Total 33 teams from different universities participated this time in the quiz competition. The venue was Regional Public Administration Training Centre Chittagong, Bangladesh & the sponsors and partners were Invite Group, SKAN Group, International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), and CVO Petro Chemicals. Dainik Jugantor, Radio Today 89.6 FM & Diganta Television, JIC Securities wholeheartedly joined as media partners.

At last, the momentous day came with great excitement  among all the teams. They reported at 09.00 am on the registration desk & like the previous year the inauguration session was started by the Chittagong Bureau Chief & the Chief Editor along with the Editor, Convener and special guest, the Dean of the Business Faculty of Chittagong University, Mr. Md. Abu Taher inaugurated the competition. Finally, the moderators were welcomed by the anchors for handling the question answer session in slides which contained a built in clock as a reminder for time limit for each question. This time the questions were made more consistent than the previous time. The adjudicators played an authoritarian role in every round to avoid any unfairness in the final round. Each & every team tried their level best; some of them failed to give right answer in some questions, tried again to proceed with full confidence and team spirit and thus could score their desired marks. All the teams ere involved with rest of the teams’ participation as they noticed when something reappeared and thus the processes were more transparent and yes, democratic. This time double anchoring and chit picking by the audiences always kept the sitting part of the people cent percent involved. Even the Editor of Wheel Mr. Zahirul Islam remained engaged and occupied throughout the program with the organizing committee with his valuable directions

It was a very neck to neck competition in the 1st round   among the participating teams and the result was declared  after the Juma prayer & lunch. Among the 33 teams 8 teams  could make it to the semi final round where amazingly 6  teams were from CU and the rest two teams were from DU  & EDU. But, when the question came to seal the title of  champion and have the benefit of the lucrative prize money  as a wining team, the discontentment became the first  necessity of progress among them. This time the most  interesting thing was the format of the competition was not  disclosed to the teams and the teams were divided into 8  groups in the first round, then 8 teams in the semi-final and  the fantastic four gave their best shots in the finals. Besides  scoring pattern, number of questions and questions varied at  each level that made the competition unpredictable.

Thus, the Prize distribution ceremony started in the evening   after the Chief Guest Mr. Salauddin Kashem Khan, Honorable Managing Director of A.
K. Khan & Company Limited   arrived. At last, the anchors  announced the name of the winning  team & the 2 runners up team. The  audience praised & applauded them.  The team from EDU protected their  position as the 2nd runners up (Tk. 5000). And, after the deadly & neck   to neck fight in the tie breaker round   between the teams CU & DU, CU  healed them by grabbing the  Champion’s position (Tk. 10000).  Though DU could not end up as  Champion but they provided tough  fight in each round to every team and  hold the position of the 1st runner up (Tk. 7000).

The Chief Guest encouraged the   vigorous effort of the entire team of  Wheel for making the Business Quiz  program a success for the second  time. The Bureau Chief, Editor, Chief  Editor, the moderators & Adjudicator  & the champion team leader  addressed the gathering with great  enthusiasm & the crests to the Chief  Guest & to the sponsor were handed  over by the Chief Editor & the Chief  Guest. The winners & participants  received their prizes from  distinguished guests.

After the success of the first   competition, for the second time at  stretch Wheel has brought  educationists, students from different  universities & business conglomerate  groups in the shed of a common  umbrella through this business quiz  competition by making the  competition innovative and  challenging & thus maintaining the  expectation of all.

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